With an Art background. Sahar has been surrounded by art for most of her life-right from her education as a Fine Art Major and then as a Graphic Designer. Having studied interior Design and Architecture from United States of America, Sahar exquisite intervined the cultures of both Saudi Arabia her motherland and the US where she grew up. She combined her knowledge and taste of the two worlds East and West and brought a completely new approach to her Abaya collection, adding rich fabrics with colors to enhance the appearance, elegance & femininity of the Middle Eastern woman.

Sahar emphatically believes that Abaya designs these days are not just a cultural image but also a fashion trend that most women follow to keep up with the trend. Her knowledge in graphic design and advertising helped Sahar encapsulate a design philosophy that states that looking beautiful should not be a luxury, but the right of every woman. Testing new limits every day with creativity from her advertising experience, Sahar is her own worst critic, which helped accentuate every woman's confidence and femininity.